The Virtue of Self-Control Today- Freewrite


The Virtue of Self-Control Today- Freewrite


Self-control is a classic virtue. In the Bible, it is one of the "fruits of the spirit", and it's something we are lacking of in our modern world. In a world where consumerism is a virtue and entertainment is filled with bad examples, self-control is a key virtue and practiced skill.

Self-control is the ability to control how we react to stimuli. It is a balance between the inner self and the outer world. When we feel, our feelings are valid, but reacting to them in kind may be harmful. When Will Smith smacked Chris Rock on the stage due to a risky joke, our acceptance of violence in reaction to a slith and preponderance of self-control was tested on a national stage. Is it right to harm another for a perceived slight, or would a sincere conversation sufficed? This is a red flag for how we perceive those who would practice self-control.

In our modern world, self-control is difficult. We have so much at our fingertips, and we are often encouraged by popular culture to express ourselves aggressively. Self-control is the antithesis of these modern expressions.

Self-control extends to how we treat others, ourselves and the enviroment. When we feel wronged it is our own reaction to the event that causes us to react. We need to buffer our reactions even as our feelings lead us to primal urges. We need to ask ourselves how our actions will fully manifest in the world and how others will react, especially those who hold us in high-regard.

Self-control is not being weak. Martial arts teachings emphasize self-control as a matter of respect, and because the reality is that martial arts movements can be deadly if not controlled. Knowing that our words and actions can be harmful and can cause pain makes self-control a true show if strength. We live in a community, and if people act out there will be real-world consequences. Reputations are built on words and actions, and self-control plays a part.

The modern economy is based on consumerism and is spurred by aggressive marketing. We need to buy, buy and consume to make up for feelings of inadequacy and react to our primal feelings. Self-control is using our evolved forebrain to control our lizard brain. We need to keep teaching our kids to be patient and practice self-control.

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