Turnip cooked with silver fish


Hello friends,
Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? Hope all is well and healthy by the infinite mercy of the Creator. I am fine too inshallah.

Today I am back with a new cooking recipe to cook turnip with silver fish. I hope you like it.

Turnip is a winter vegetable. Turnip has a lot of nutritional value. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Turnip helps in weight loss and boosts immunity. There are also many other elements.

So let's see how I cooked turnip with silver fish.

Here I have the materials-

Silver fish, turnip, potato, green chilli paste, garlic paste, onion paste, cumin paste, salt, turmeric powder and soybean oil etc.

Recipe -

First I cut the turnip and potato into pieces. This time I have washed them well.


Here I took the silver fish. This time I cut the fish into pieces and washed it. From this I took four pieces of silver fish. This time I rubbed the fish well with salt and turmeric powder.


This time I put a ring in the oven and put some oil inside it. When the oil is hot, I have fried it with the fish pieces in it.

This time again I put a ring in the oven and put the same amount of oil in the pan and put onion paste, green chilli paste and garlic paste in it. This time I moved it for a while and put it inside it. This time I stirred it again for a while, stirred it a little with salt and turmeric powder and put a little water in it. This time I will get rid of turnip in a good way.


Once the turnip has been removed, I have given enough water inside it. This time I will burn for a while. After a while, when the bolak went into the water, I gave the fish pieces fried inside it. This time I will burn again for a while. When the broth comes down a lot, I will cover it with a lid by stirring it a little with cumin paste. After a while, I lifted the lid and moved it a little. Turnip cooking is easily made with silver fish.


So friends, so far today. I hope you like my recipe today. Many many thanks to everyone. I pray to the Creator that everyone stays well and stays healthy.

God bless you.