It's going to be really funny when the governments realize they wasted their time trying to stop cryptocurrency.


Oh hi, leofinance, mind if I join you guys as I make my first post? 0_0


I don't usually read a lot about anything generally but since I discovered cryptocurrencies, I've seen myself propel towards that niche.

Sometimes it feels like we just began from 2018, something about that year rings a bell, for real.

Most of the time, I've been on some gold chase with airdrops, mostly telegram and shit, and while the era for that has passed, it has become really unprofitable to waste that much time on these things.

Back to the topic regardless, what is really going on cryptocurrencies?

Well, last cryptocurrency news I saw was about a cardona hard fork which I admit, don't care much about.

Then there's Hive where I'm still trying to work my way around with an anticipated network upgrade, and Mann if you log onto news websites, telegram channels or crypto twitter, all you can see is the expansion of the ecosystem.

People are talking more and more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Google trend says El Salvador's interest in Bitcoin has grown followed by Nigeria and that's thanks to the president's move to make it a legal tender.

Holy shit, did we not realize how cryptocurrencies made "China" look so irrelevant?

They banned, we moved and kept building. The governments are asking who now for help? Mark Zuckerberg? Lol, truly they are yet to understand how many projects are being built in a day and how the media is literally helping them expand.

And how about the bankers?

The truth is that there's a lot of bankers funds in cryptocurrency projects, whether or not that's a good thing isn't the case, what we miss sometimes about all of this is that these people are interested because value is perceived.

It's uncommon to believe the banking system would adopt what's literally a risk to their businesses, but I guess the phrase: "if you can't beat them, join them" really sticks, right?

And the government? They have no idea that while they are investigating and plotting, thousands of more problems are being created.

The earlier they take cryptocurrency seriously the better, underestimating the ecosystem at this point is just crazy, but let's see how that works out, I will be at the corner waiting to walk in, slow clap and tell them how miserable their attempts were from the very start.

I'm 21again, each year, that just happens, I don't seem to age, ha.

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