Ask Leo: is the future of crypto currency still bright despite the crypto market declining?



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A lot of contemplation has been thrown out especially from the new crypto investors based on the ongoing crypto currency market situation on whether the crypto market future is in jeopardy or not as fears has gripped their minds being a first time crypto investors.

Based on the past such occurrence in which crypto market witnessed such declining,the crypto has managed to come out on top and gain some stability and keep improving, which shows the fact that crypto currency still has a great future ahead.

The crypto market declining is not new to the well experienced investors who have been in this game for some time now and they will really know the best answer to this question. The market is bound to decline at some point as it is part of the crypto market cycle in which the crypto market must undergo the bear and bull market which are the season in crypto currency market and are very important two seasons as they play a major role of making a huge profits in crypto ecosystem.

The bear market is the current season we found ourselves in, as the coin leader Bitcoin and other coins are in declining order. Many investors especially the well experienced investors regards bear market as a very important season to invest by buying at the low price for future gain.

The drive which makes the investors to buy during the bear market by hodling on till the bull market really means that the crypto currency do have a bright future ahead. Bull market or season which happens to be the opposite of the bear market is the future of the crypto market. If the crypto doesn't have a bright future,then why will the investors keep investing by buying in to the dip.

The future of the crypto currency is very clear and bright as the crypto has went through such situations in the past and later come out on top exceptionally from it's setback. I believe crypto currency is the future and very soon it will come out on top again.

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