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Investment has a lots of things to do with risk as know can be sure of which project to trust except you carry out needful information about such project. When going in to investment, it takes a lot of scheme and some kind of meaningful approach as one is dealing with assets or resources related stuff which can not be taken with levity hand because it has to do with ones hard earned assets or resources. There are different projects out there but one have to be sure in which one to invest in and that's where the investment procedure or approach comes in to use.


Investment procedure or approach can be refers to a certain ways of dealing with investing in order to create a desire results or outcome. But to make sure one is at save side then there are some consideration to be taken which are:-

• RESEARCH : Going in to any investment where you want to direct your portfolio to, then it is very important to first do some research about the specific project because there are many projects out there, but can they all be trusted? Hell! No, and that's why it is very important for one to carry out thorough research to make sure if the project is actually legit before directing ones portfolio in to such project.

•ASK QUESTIONS: It is very important for us to ask questions from people with more experience as they can enlightening us or provided with great insight about investing. A lots of people have invested in to different portfolio without asking any questions, they only think of the big offers it will bring them and they later end up putting their assets in to a wrong portfolio. Asking questions is very important when investing and there are many business consultant out their that we can seek advice from.

• KNOW THE TEAM BEHIND THE PROJECT: When investing, it is very important to know the people behind the project one is directing his or her portfolio in to. If the team behind the project are people to trust then it will be very helpful and give a peace of mind to the investors since one has already knew everything about them in case anything happens. Even though investment has to do with risk but it is highly risky investing your assets in a project that you don't know anything or team behind it.

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