[Let's Play] Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars { Ep. 2 }


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We continue our journey by asking more people about the dragon. Some of them told us that we might get more info in Thriceton. So we decided to leave current town and move forward. On our way we meet the Ivory Order Trio and we fought them. Those guys were too strong! They beat us and after that healed us. I hope some day we will be strong as them or even stronger. We need to get the reward for defeating dragon so they are our rivals. After losing to them we moved further and we encountered some events and fights with monsters until we arrived to Thriceton. We asked more people about the dragon but nobody knew anything except one strange woman. She will tell us something about the dragon but we need to make her a favour and find the treasure that monsters stole from her. Its in the Western Cave. We bought the Torch as some other NPC recommended and we went to do our first dungeon. We killed plenty of monsters already, got my party to level 4, learned some new spells but there is no end to the dungeon. Its so big. I was kinda too tired and the episode length was already 40 minutes so I decided to finish it in next episode! So far I kinda enjoy the game. Sometimes its boring but overall I like the stories, soundtracks and fight system :) See ya in the next ep where we gonna finish this big dungeon and try to get more information on the dragon as a reward.

I hope you enjoy this let's play series and please let me know your thoughts in comments!

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