Preparing for Bull in the chaotic period.


Irrespective of what is currently happening in the market, I put my focus on the coming bull season. Since the last Bull, 1 of 200 tokens are making great moves in the market and they are not always easy to know. Influencers and crypto popular traders on Twitter (X) tweet about different tokens but only a few give true values and profit to investors.

I saw what happened in 2017 and the last Bull. No matter the news, the falls in the market and the current value of Bitcoin, they are all setting for the next bull. Thus, I have tapped into the power of delayed gratification for the market. Morgan Housel concluded that the factors that make Warren Buffet to be the best investor are time and patience. He said there was supposed to be a book with the title, “Shut up and Wait”. Just wait for the right time.

I have started the campaign to take more people along with me in the next bull run. The idea is to build crypto starters to enjoy the right time of investment. Many people just jump onto the bandwagon of blockchain and crypto without having the proper know-how. Some even paid a fortune to learn and still could not get a quality education. Thus, I decided to create a free 3-day class for beginners to understand blockchain and crypto. The aim of the class is to ensure people understand blockchain benefits beyond just the investment in crypto and teach people that not all cryptos are investments and some factors to look out for. Like Security, backing, algorithm, team, sustainability factors and the rest.

I will also give certificates of participation to people who participate through the Meshboc company. This is just another added benefit for people who wish to take their crypto journey to the next level.

We all need to build and guide more believers so that we can get to the 1 billion users on time.

I am tykee, I code and write.

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