My Busy Friday


Hello everyone,
Is another beautiful day and we give praises and thanks to Allah for all the good things He has done for us.
Is another bran new day and I’m here to share with you guys how my day went that’s Friday. (10/03/2023)
I wake up early this morning because today was Friday.
Normally Fridays are always busy for me. Because I have so many lectures to attend and also my Fridays prayers too.
So due to all that, I had to wake up early so that I can do my morning routine on time and then prepared myself the class.
So I wake up this morning, wash my dishes and then after that, I took clothes and then start to iron them.



This was when I was doing the ironing.
So after I finish ironing, I then go straight to my bathroom and take my bath.
And after that, I had took prepared my breakfast and which I did so fast and then take.
So after I finished taking my breakfast, I then start to dress up for the class.
And this was how I dress up for the class.


And the class was 3 hours class straight.
And immediately after the class, i can go back to my hostel again I just have to walk straight to the school mosque so that I can pray my jummah prayers.

The most annoying part was that, the lecturer when lecture for more then the 3 hours and we all was just angry and we can say anything.
Even our course rep informed him that his time was up and this lecturer didn’t mind him.
So we were just in the class but our minds were not in the class.
So after he finished the class, it was almost time for my Friday prayers.
So I then start to walk to the school mosque.
When I reach the mosque, the mosque was almost full.



So I had to Wait outside for some time.
It was almost time to start so went inside the mosque.
And we had our prayers.
So after we finished class, I was having another lecture too.
So I went back to campus.
So we’re just waiting for the lecturer and he call our course rep that he can’t come due to some personal issues.
And as you know students we were happy that the class has concelled.
I then start to walk back to my hostel.
And I reach my hostel successfully and this was how my day went.
Thank you!!!!