My Project Seminar

Hello everyone,
Is another beautiful day and we give praises and thanks to Allah for all the good things He has done for us.
Is another bran new day and I’m here to share with you guys how my day went that’s Friday.

I really like Fridays a lot because normally, I don’t have many lectures to attend on Fridays.
So due to that, I always like Fridays.
But I wake up early today because I we were having project seminar.
And it was a must that all the final year students must be around.
So due to that, I had to wake up early and do whatever I have to do so that I won’t be late to the project seminar.
And all my department professors all were to honer this occasion.
So you can imagine how important it is.
So I finished my morning routine on time.
Take my bath and also take my breakfast.
And after taking my breakfast, I then start to dress up for the project seminar.

So after I finished dressing, I then start to walk to campus.
But i was luck I had a ride from a friend who was also going for the project seminar.
So we arrived on campus safely and we entered and get sited.
So everything was about to start.
So they call me to come and give them the opening prayer.
Which I did every well. And everyone in the hall were happy With my prayers.
So after the opening prayer, then the program get started.
And the first speaker was our HOD of our department.



He really did well and he enlightened us on how to do everything when it comes to projects.
And he also tell us some short history and himself when he was like us.
It was so nice and fun.
In fact everyone who happens to attend the seminar was happy and also we learn a lot From the seminar.
And after our HOD was done with his presentation, the next person was my favourite lecturer. And he also teach us referencing. That’s how to reference a work.
That’s if you take someone work or copy a portion of someone work then after taking it, you reference it so that it won’t be that you did a plagiarism.
It was really nice being part of the seminar.
So after everything, they call me again go give them the closing prayer.
Which i did and we closed.
So after everything, I was having one class to attend but the lecturer who was supposed to take us that course was also in the seminar so he said he was tried.
So he cancelled the class. And we all were happy.
So I decided to walk beck to my hostel.
And this was how my day went.
Thank you!!!