LPUD || my first ever .


As a noob just getting onboard on Hive I really found the platform accommodating . The different communities existing on the Hive platform exudes different qualities , vibes and values to individuals who dim it fit to join any .

That being said , I found the Leofinance community as one which adds uttermost value in all ramifications. I mean a social platform where users get paid for creating, upvoting and interacting with crypto and finance content is really worth the attention and time , what do you think ?!

The Leofinance token (LEO) is a utility token that can be used to trade into other tokens and also as a mechanism to purchase digital products/services.

An activity I’ve always wanted to participate in on this platform as soon as I got on Hive is the the powering up of the Leo token.

The lowest amount one could stake before was 200 Leo but recently it was reduced to 150 Leo . Hearing this information actually lit up my mood as my Leo coins are starting to accumulate.

The Leo power up day comes up every 15th of a new month and this one I’ll be participating in is the 3rd Leo power up day.


I staked 150 Leo today in my first ever Leo power up day . The feeling still feels so surreal I must confess ..

My reason for powering up on this particular is simple and not far fetched. I strongly believe in this platform to do great things in the Web3 iteration of the internet. Powering Up is important for the growth of any community and Leo as a great community won’t be an exception . I urge as much lions to be a part of 3rd Leo Power Up day and build this amazing community for greater glory ahead . Are you ready for the 3rd Leo Power Up day?!
I bet you are !

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