Picture prompt story



Here lies a great king
Strong and mighty
With a far and wide stretched empire
Extending from coast to coast

Nicknamed "Lion killer"
The name alone won many wars
Kings bow down before him
Kissing his feet for their lives

With a thousand wives
Boasting of tens of children
That equates a village
His barn overflows

His dreaded chariots of war
Howl stones of fire
Causing hundreds of widows
Not to talk of orphans

After a fierce battle on a D-day
Returned but, died in his sleep
The conquering "Lion killer"
Succumbed to time and death

His remains now embalmed
Unconscious of power and fame
Disappear gradually in decay
At the mercy of time

That's the path of mortals
No matter how strong or rich
A time comes for that sleep
That'll not stop at next dawn

Lesson to learn -
Have good thoughts
Live peaceably with humanity
For a world in paradise