Do our choices truly determine our Progress in Life?

Do our choices truly determine our progress in Life?


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I remember trying to be too careful not to make mistakes in virtually everything I do. The thoughts of failures or results from bad choices can be hurting and very unpleasant. But you’d agree with me there are times where what we thought were bad choices turn out to have good results. So, do choices really determine our progress in life?

Well, yeah it does. But this perspective may be limited and not really “wrong”. We all definitely do have the freedom to make choices but I choose to see choices outside the circles of morality. I would rather see it experientially. Yeah, make choices and learn from it.

Alright, I heard that, Peter! Peter is saying so we can go about making choices in life like using the “trial and error” method. Well, you need not get burnt before you know putting your finger in the fire will hurt terribly. A lot of factors influence our decisions. We tend to make a choice from past experiences, realities of life, exposures, environmental or social factors etc.

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From general knowledge, our primary decision making approach comes from our intuition. It’s basically the default. Decisions taken from our intuition are influenced by our experiences, events, knowledge etc. The issue with intuition is that it is subjective. We tend to make choices relatively. You can relate to when you have this gut feeling to do something.

The other decision making approach is Reasoning. It’s basically based on data, figures and facts. It’s simply objective. I kinda have issues with people who base their choices on this kind of approach. They are always strict and unbendable. Well, it pays off for them most times though.

Which do I choose?

I am this kind of person that enjoys flexibility. I sometimes typically find myself in analysis paralysis (a situation where you are unable to make a decision because you are overthinking the problem). This is due to my fear of making bad choices. It took a lot of reading and exposure to conquer this.

So, I combine the two approaches and go ahead to living with whatever happens.


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Have I answered the Question? Here is my perspective.

Despite the importance of making good decisions, don’t allow “bad” choices to weigh you down. I choose to believe we can spend more time, effort and power to ensure our decisions come out good rather than getting too worked up about making the right decisions. This is because I noticed every good decision I have made was all given utmost commitment and effort. This also works for many other people. This will help us generate the motivation and the mindset we need to win and the mindset to learn if it goes south.

Thanks for reading.


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