Surviving A Lion Attack: A Family's Terrifying Encounter In African Wildlife.


A bloodthirsty lion caused a lot of havoc in the movie "Beast"

Towards the end of last year, there was a lot of buzz about the movie "Beast" by some of my friends and this made me place it on the list of movies I would like to watch in my free time. My busy schedule did not permit me to watch the movie as I had planned but I eventually got to watch it. Before watching the movie, I had come across its official poster on the Internet and had an urge to read reviews about it but shrugged off the idea because I wanted to enjoy the movie without any prior knowledge of its plot. I did not want a "spoiler"! Lol!

Synopsis of the movie

Official poster of the movie "Beast"

The movie "Beast", featured renowned actor Idris Elba and had its plot based on a trip embarked on by a family of three that is made up of a father and two daughters who were mourning the loss of the female parent of the family. Dr. Nate Samuels (Idris Elba) and his daughters, Meredith (Iyana Halley) and Nora (Leah Jeffries) set out on a journey to a game reserve in Africa in an attempt to explore it and move beyond the loss of his wife, Mia who happens to be an indigene of the community where the game reserve is located. On their arrival in Africa, Dr. Nate and his family are received by an old family friend, Martin (Sharito Copley, who works as a game warden and enforcer (an officer who curbs the activities of poachers) in the game reserve.

Idris Elba played the role of Dr. Nate Samuel's in the movie

Martin takes the family to his house where they settle in, have dinner, and get acquainted with each other. However, an argument ensued between Dr. Nate and his daughters and was about how his daughters perceived the way he treated their sick mother before her demise. There was tension in the house and the family members went their separate ways to cool off their nerves. The next day, everyone went on a safari in the game reserve, and on their way, they encountered a pride of lions whose two adult males were nurtured by Martin. After sharing a hug with the male lions, Martin observes that a female lion in the pride is injured. This made Martin tell Banji, a fellow officer at the game reserve who they met at the scene and the tracker of the pride of lions that he needed to find the poachers who may have attacked her.

Iyana Halley, acted as Meredith in the movie

After leaving the territory of the pride of lions, Martin and Dr. Nate's family continued with the safari. They made a stop at a local settlement on their way and discovered that the residents and their livestock have been killed. Alarmed by what they had just witnessed, they left the settlement and met a severely injured poacher lying on the way. Martins inquires from the poacher about how he got injured and finds out that he was attacked by a lion. Martin tries to investigate the incident further by going into the surrounding bush to find the lion and tranquilise it. However, this was unsuccessful as Martin also got attacked and seriously injured by the lion. While calling out to Martin to know if he was safe, Dr. Nate got chased by the lion and ran back to their Land Cruiser safari vehicle. The attacking lion who is a mature male is huge and muscular in appearance. He made several attempts to attack Dr. Nate and his daughters while they were in the vehicle but later retreated when he failed. Dr. Nate and his family were safe during this period of the lion's absence.

Leah Jeffries, featured as Nora in the movie

The night fell, and after communicating with Martin over a cellular device, Dr. Nate found his location and set out on a mission to bring him back. The lion attacks Dr. Nate on his mission hoping that his daughters will also leave the safari vehicle. The lion chases Dr. Nate in what appears to be a hunting game for it, while Meredith takes advantage of the situation and takes Martin back to the safari vehicle. Afterwards, Dr. Nate returns to the vehicle and treats Martin's injury.

Sharito Copley, starred as Martin in the movie

Later on, after being treated, Martin reveals to others that he suspects the attacking lion is on a manhunt because poachers killed its pride. A team of poachers later found the group and accepted to take them back to their residence after Dr. Nate had offered to pay them a substantial amount of money. However, the agreement went sour after the poachers discovered that Martin was with them. Martin by his job had apprehended most of the poachers and their colleagues. As the poachers tried to exert revenge on Martin, the lion sneaks in and attacks them. The poachers and Martin both died in the process as a result of the lion's attacks.

The incident presented an opportunity for Dr. Nate and his daughters to escape and they did so by driving off in the poachers' vehicle. Meredith got injured during the attacks of the lion and Dr. Nate made a stop at a Chapel's loft on the way to tend to her injury The lion traced their whereabouts and attacked them again. This time around, Dr. Nate led the lion to the territory of the pride of lions they had encountered at the beginning of their safari after he recalled Martin telling him how hostile lions can be toward other lions intruding on their territory. The two male lions of the pride attacked the intruding lion and killed him but Dr. Nate had already been gravely injured by the rampaging lion.

Dr. Nate, who was unconscious after his final encounter with the lion, was taken to the hospital by Banji, Martin's colleague and the tracker in the game reserve of the pride of lions that killed the rampaging lion. Later on, Meredith and Leah united with their father in the hospital and praised him for his act of bravery. The whole incident further strengthened the bond they shared as a family.

In my opinion, "Beast" is an intriguing movie. I appreciate the plot and the way the producers presented it. Moreover, I am impressed by how the movie addresses complex issues such as family conflicts and reconciliations, the unpredictability of future events, poaching, wildlife, and the rich African culture. I highly recommend "Beast" to anyone looking for a thought-provoking film. I hope you enjoyed this synopsis.

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