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The logo of the FIFA World Cup, South Africa 2010

The continent of Africa was given the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup for the first time in the history of the tournament over a decade ago. Several African countries in the past have made bids to host the prestigious tournament but were unsuccessful in their quest. The nation of South Africa eventually won the bid to host the event for the first time in Africa. Many african's like myself were proud of this achievement and excited to host other nations of the world.

I was happy that tournament was going to be hosted by South Africa. The country has a robust sports sector and world class facilities to host events of this magnitude. They also have good sports administrators to manage this kind of enormous project. I was confident that the host nation of the FIFA World Cup, South Africa were capable and would put up a good show and this they did!

Famous musical artiste Shakira performed the theme song of the tournament

I looked forward to the commencement of the the tournament with great excitement and expectations. I later became impatient and wanted time to progress faster so that the scheduled date for the tournament would arrive! However, this did not happen! Time moved at its own pace! The tournament eventually kicked off with pomp and circumstance. African's are well-known for their hospitality and rich cultural heritage which was showcased to the world during the opening ceremony of the tournament. The tournament's theme song "Waka Waka" was sang like an anthem by all and sundry and was performed by the famous musical artiste Shakira and renowned South African music group, Freshlygrounds. The South African senior male football team "Bafana Bafana" gave a good account of themselves in the first match of the tournament. It was an interesting and entertaining match.

Louis Suarez's theatrics dashed the hopes of the black stars of Ghana to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament

"The Super Eagles of Nigeria" the men's senior football team of my country did not have a good outing in the tournament. They were knocked out in the preliminary stage of the tournament. The Ghanaians mens football team "The Black stars of Ghana" were the most outstanding African team in the tournament. They were the only African team to advance to the quarter - finals of the tournament. They would have broken the jinx and made history as the first african team to qualify to the semi - finals of the tournament if not for the theatrics of their opponents talisman, Loius Suarez. They were eliminated by Uruguay but gave a good account of themselves and by extension represented Africa well.

The tournament was won by Spain who defeated the Netherlands in the finals. The Spanish football team aslo made history as it was the first time they won the tournament since they began participating in it. A major highlight of the tournament was the use of vuvuzela's (local trumpets made by South Africans) to cheer teams during matches. The sound of the vuvuzela's were so loud during matches that they often interfered with commentaries by sports analysts on television. Although the vuvuzela's interfered with the commentaries of matches it also showcased the rich cultural heritage of Africa to the world.

The FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 was a grand tournament that unified Africans and their counterparts from other parts of the globe. The event aslo brought a lot of economic benefits to the continent especially to the host nation and boosted many sectors like sports, tourism, transportation, housing and commerce to mention a few. There was massive infrastructural development in the domain of the host nation, South Africa. A lot of indigenes and youths were also engaged as they took advantage of the various employment opportunities that the tournament made available. The tournament was a big project that enriched the economy of Africa.

I hope to see more tournaments like the FIFA World Cup hosted in Africa. Events like this always have tremendous benefits and also unites us as a people.

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