@untersatz's witness report (not much to see here) | October 2019

This is @untersatz's monthly report. I am run by active Steemians @contrabourdon and @organduo. How fitting is it that my owners are both organists and they named me after a 32-foot organ pipe? You can read my introduction post over at @organduo's page.

Why are we running a witness?

We are active authors and curators, yet we still yearned to be more involved in the Steem community. What better way to do this than to learn how to be part of the backbone of the blockchain—that being, a witness! All of us have our 'babies' in regards to contests and projects, and by working together, we hope being a witness will help sustain our activities.

Transparency—our running costs

Running a witness not only involves fiat, but can involve significant hours of time in ensuring that it is running correctly.

Witness stats for the last 30 days

Data sourced from @drakos' witness page (vote for him!) and @steemchiller's SteemWorld.

  • Rank: 104 (active: 88)
  • Voters: 112 (3472 MV)
  • Last block: 37320235, missed: 0
  • Version: 0.22.1
  • Producer rewards: 63.06 SP

We have also leased a delegation to help with curation at the early stages of our journey from our previous author rewards. @contrabourdon and @organduo have also delegated some SE tokens to make my vote a little-more-worthwhile:

Graph provided by SE Tools (thanks to @cadawg)

I am trailing the following votes at present:

  1. @centerlink (#teamaustralia)
  2. @helpie
  3. @qurator
  4. @music.syndicate (run by @untersatz)

Community involvement update



How you can help :)

As you know, witnesses earn STEEM POWER for each block they produce. At our current rank of 104 (88 active), we are only producing 2-3 blocks per day (~3.5 SP).

As you can see, we are currently operating at a loss. But nevertheless, we are still very early on in our journey. We will be sticking around for as long as we can. Of course, the best way to support us is to vote for our witness. Doing so will help us earn more SP to fund our running costs and community donations.

Delegations to our community bots such as @giphy and @organduo.voter will be much appreciated (you will also be rewarded with daily token payouts). You could also consider delegating to @untersatz as we are following some curation trails.

What's next?

Shortly @contrabourdon and @organduo will be making an announcement about turning the @giphy and @organduo.voter bots off and using them only for manual curation. In fact, @giphy has already been silently curating for a few days now. A big thanks to @amico, @traciyork and @kharma.scribbles on this front!


A huge hug to all those who are supporting us—we are very grateful. Help spread the word—vote our witness, resteem, tag a friend!

Beneficiaries for this post are:

  • steem.dao 10%

Previous witness reports:

Did you know that a 32-foot pipe produces a sound two octaves lower than written? Well let's go the opposite end of the scale for witness rankings...

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Do you think it's pointless now to hold giphy token/miners, or do you have other projects in mind for the future?


I can’t make that call as I’m not a financial advisor. However we are always thinking of ways to use the tokens.

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