Blissful bliss

*They said love in blind but i can see it in your eyes,

Life is about stages and each stage comes with its own reviews and challenges,
When people want to accomplish their life purpose ,they are meant to follow some certain patterns or accomplish some certain things too..

In life it is very important to build and learn and try your best to grow in all other aspects too .
When love happens , people forget about the struggles they will face or the challenges that comes with it..
Love and picking a partner for life are way two different thing, you can love a dress, phone or gadgets but in relationship you are bound to love them for ever.

Today this pretty sis of mine is getting married to the love of her life and it was indeed such a beautiful sight to behold ,
Saying i do ..
Starting a new family,
Loving someone for life..

These are the little archivements people underrate and in reality it is never easy to pick someone and start up family with them.
It calls for commitment and understanding too.**