Dont get it twisted love is a beautiful thing they say,

Love is blind,
Love is not proud or rude,
They say love is precious,
Love is tolerance,
Love is giving,
Loving is wealth,
Love is accommodating and selfless,
They say love is timeless and more ...etc

In reality , people chose who they want to love and in marriage people decides how they chose to love..

I attended a wedding and it was indeed beautiful.
The couples were amazing and they said the love started from secondary school days too🤭 ,

At some point i imagined what its like to fall inlove with someone and appreciate the person for loving you back too..

When a preacher says who God has joined together let no man or women put asunder.., i actually imagined it to be something serious especially with the rate of abuse,cheating and divorce this days..

Just get a good partner and pray.. thats all you can do ,
Indeed there's no manual to love or how to stay happy in marriage if you refuse to chose peace and tolerance..
Marriage itself is never a bed of roses but it is indeed beautiful to be married to the love of your life , with wishes that you both stay happy ever after
. 🥰🥰