Value and Rcs and Power user.


To be real, the RC system is not super smart in Design (if it's without Smart contracts). Computer power becomes cheaper and cheaper. Because of this transactions and Nodes become cheaper too.

In fact, Transactions can become cheaper and this will devalue Hive again. If the transaction doesn't become cheaper, hive stands behind the tech.

At some point, the Average User can post content and only needs for example 0,1 ( or less) Hive staked for it (from price point).

With this in my head, I think (against most developer thinking), Onchain Smart contracts would make sense, for sure premade ( or maybe full customizable?) ones for Smts, to communicate to a sidechain and other chains. So token Balance will be always secured from the main chain. That's a big selling point for exchange listings.

Free Transactions are a good sales point. But only the power Users will pay the extra and stake huge amounts of Hive. But this only if it's needed.

Smart contracts could allow us to Have BTC/ETH and all other coins we want on hive as a wrapped version. Because these Networks have fees and we don't have a transaction on hive would be cheaper and more efficient and easier to handle.

If we have at this point smart contracts, we can extract the value of these Investors ( other chain token holder) to hive, in many ways.

Lower fees? yes awesome for a DEX on hive.

Send a friend 10$ in ETH? impossible on ETH, in a wrapped version possible and free.

NFTs, DEFI and so on.

And they will compare their token to Hive. And yes I think Hive should look better in this case.

These are IMO power User apps. These apps need a lot of RCs and there are willing to buy them if it brings a benefit. Thinking about defi and all these different tokens, that's a lot of transactions and liquidity.

Important is that most of these transactions are onchain. That would need RCs.

If it is on a sidechain (with its own gas token), it brings no direct value to Hive ( sure to the network but not to the token).

Bring things together

With the knowledge Computer power becomes cheaper, it's cheaper to run the network longterm. So Hive can better scale. Posting Transaction /token transfers,... can be the cheapest ones for social media users in RCs.

Smart contracts cost more and need more Rcs and staked Hive ( RC pools).

If enough wrapped coins on Hive, there would be an automatic demand for RCs and Hive power. Cash in and cash out would cost more RCs than transfer it on Hive ( in the case of a token).

Defi would be the same. I'm not that technical to know how it exactly works on another chain, but I know they want to be as efficient as possible. And that's good.

The Vision Tokenize the Internet on games/websites has also a huge synergy to smart contracts and defi apps.


Endgame will go in the direction posting /transfer transactions will become super duper cheap.

The Average user will have with hive access to social media, payment, online/blockchain, investments and banking.

A loan System and a change in HBD would bring again a huge benefit to hive. So Dapps and Average User can use Hive as a savings account and if money is needed they take a loan on hive. Easy.

The Hive doesn't get sold and locked up. This is also good for the price long-term.

The Power users will use the RCs and build their apps on Hive. The demand becomes bigger and bigger.

The only thing it needs to be onchain.

Hive is like green energy. The RCs reload with time and there are not burned, like a solar panel.

ETH is like old energy. You pay the Fee and it's gone. Like burning gas or cole.

And why should Power Users come?

This answer is easy. It's cheaper and faster. And they can make more profit if they can offer their customer cheaper network transactions.

What is your opinion about all these Sidechains that are planed on Hive?

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A loan System and a change in HDB would bring again a huge benefit to hive.

I can imagine the potential benefit of where people take $HBD loans with smart contracts on HIVE like current HP delegations.

What is HDB ?

We must explore all side-chains options for HIVE

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Quote What is HDB ?

A typing mistake :D

If I think we have real smart contracts onchain, power user would eat Rcs likeuntitled.gif

Think about Uniswap and if you log in to the app and you have hive staked you can use it for free. No fees.

If you don't have Hive you can pay a fee ( buy Rcs from the app owner). So the app owner can make money and stake hive makes a lot of sense.

Also RC delegations. help to fund an app and delegate RCs to it ( like the defi farms) in return you earn government tokens or something like that.

This will open more cases for business on Hive.

The same principle would work for use cases we can't imagine today.

Quote can imagine the potential benefit of where people take $HBD loans with smart contracts on HIVE

I'm a big fan of a DAI version of it. HBD is in the current state more useless as benefitical. I think @blocktrades like the current HBD version, I don't know why.

Because Hive isn't big today, changes on HBD can happen. I think in some years it can be really difficult.


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