winner of world war 3, worldmap shows the winner


In times of uncertainty, I need certainty.

That's why I ask my esoteric AI friend to show me the winner of world war 3.

So I ask,

Please tell me the winner of world war 3, so I can buy stuff there.

The winner will go to the moon is the idea.


After studying this map for hours, I come to the conclusion, it's not clear.

Maybe India wins because of the signs on the map.

Another way to look at it is green areas good with less nuclear damage and the rest is semi-bad because it goes more to the red.

White could also be good, or Zombieland.

But to get more certainty another map is needed.


Not a clear winner showed up.

But there is a sign. Only the best cartographers can see. There is a Spaceship on the left.

Could it mean aliens win World war 3?

Not unlikely. Would make a lot of sense. First, influence the people on earth with mind-control into overtaking!


Not a clear winner, but what if the blue is not water, maybe its ice?

Shows the map of the nuclear winter?


Spaceship shows up again, Russian color overtakes North and south America. China takes over Africa and Australia.

Russian color could be the nuclear default area. Who knows.

China looks pretty strong.


The next one looks like china now taking over Russia, India, and other parts.



The last 2 looking like Europe will become particularly china.

All pictures are created with:

"winner of world war 3, worldmap shows the winner"


Since the topic is very complex, more esoteric secret research is needed. Also called Alpha.

So we will see.