A Remarkable Back To School Experience

Hello everyone I hope I'm not late to submit my entry, I really want to share you this Remarkable experience my kids have this back to school.

It's been more than two years the pandemic spreads its virus all over the world many suffers, got sick and the worst left this world even they don't want too. The coronavirus virus or COVID 19 locks us in the four corners of our house. Its stopped the normal lives we used to have, stopped us from living or worked even we need too, we can't go outside have gatherings and most of all the learners where also stopped from learning. Modular and online learning had been a mandatory order to all school level I was a teacher at first but then a dinosaur inside hahaha tenesorous or a trex that can eat my own child because of too much annoyance.

I didn't expect that teaching will be as crazy as that I only have four kids 3 students and I admit I had a hard time discipling them. I admire the teachers that have the passion on teaching, their non stop understanding is unbelievable and the endless question on how they can take care of a one class room that have a lot of naughty kids inside.

I salute you ma'am and sir and now the virus is defeated one by one but let's not underestimate it's power let's all stay safe and peace. At last the malls, parlors, gyms, restaurants, church and schools are open im done with the endless teaching yehey hahaha beside of house chores modular learning add an another load to my work but now I'm ready to send my kids at school.

I already have four kids my eldest is on grade 11 next to her is two boys grade 7 and 2 my youngest is just a three year old baby girl. My two high school class are only for 2 or 3 days Monday Wednesday Friday or Tuesday and Thursday shifting because their other building can't be used because it was all field with water or flood. It was okay at first because the kids had modules so when they're at the house they can self study.

But for my grade 2 son is a whole different...



Please Zoom the pictures

The kids were happy like normal children do but behind their smile it had a flood inside their classroom that can bring them germs or virus inside their body. Their teacher send this photos on our group conversation so we parents are updated on what's happening because the place we have is too low so the water can easily spread.



After that incident our teacher advice us to have a class meeting but I was surprised because after I get in the classroom there's flood once more. And We all decided that the class project will be a class renovation because upgrading the whole school is a whole different level so why we start inside our room. The teachers opinion is even there's flood outside the classroom it can't get inside the room and they can still continue to study


After our class treasure gather some Donation they decided to start it as soon as possible. Each kid will give $4 so they have almost 40 students so thats more than $160 plus the school budget or a little help from the school it was an unexpected blessin that it reach the limit needed for the materials.





Some of my fellow parents help but they didn't let me because they saw my little Ria and that's what we called (pakikisama)



This Guy is the husband of my son's teacher so he gather some of his friends or co workers so the labour can also be free




And after days of hard work its all done 👍 the school class still resume even we're not on our own class room we just borrow the other rooms because it's still requires to study.


And after the cement has finally dried up the kids are now safe and they can put again their smiling face without any worries

This experience only proves that nothing can stop a child from learning whether it's storm or too much heat flood or climate change because knowledge is part of us and learning is a experience and a lesson.

Thank you so much for your wonderful time reading my today's blog 😊

See yah to my next blog
Love, @usagigallardo015 🌙


I really adore these mind of parents who help the school, the teachers and the learners to make everyone comfortable inside the classroom
.I am so glad to see them back and have a great classroom to study. 🙂


Buti na lang naayos na room nila kawawa naman mga bata lubog ang paa sa tubig. Mabuti na address agad ang problem dahil sa pag tutulongan ng mga parents.


It's sad seeing the students as well as their teacher who still have classes even with flood. I love their perseverance to study despite of the flood.

Children are so blessed to have supporting parents who always thought for their childs welfare. Congratulation sa inyu sis @usagigallardo015 for a job well done.