Flexing my Dear Daughter Ria

Happy weekend my dear hivers of this wonderful community @asean.hive.
Summer has already started in our country. The sun is so hot and bright, my skin is getting sticky. 🙄😔 Our electric fan is already giving up due to overused. I'm afraid it will wrecked out because it doesn't have any substitution. We have two electric fans before but it sink in the flood while it's still on the socket. LoL, good thing I wasn't executed after I pulled it.

My topic for today I'll be flexing youngest daughter Ria.





Looking at my dear daughter I felt proud because she grew to be the lady I dreamt of. I remember when I was a kid I felt insecure of my two cousins. They're so beautiful their eyes are big and brown while mine was small and black. My eye lashes was short while theirs was long and curly, their nose was pointed, while mine was flat. They look like a foreigner while I don't know how to see the beauty within me. Their complexion never change even we went swimming. While me imagine a Chinese tan look LoLs 😂😂

I thought I was ugly before, then I learn to fix myself. Some people notice my progress, they said I looked fresh and beautiful. I just realized that I need to trust myself to see the beauty within me. The most important thing I've learned is we're more beautiful if we have a kind, loving heart. The outside appearance of us is always the first impression but we are the eye opener of our selves. We need to be confident because we are all beautiful.




And for my dear Ria I'm so proud of her because people adore her beauty. She's a smart little girl she's a fast learner too. I also thought her how to speak English. Even I find it hard I talked to her in english 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ she's our bundle of joy she releases my stress and worries. I thank God he gave me this wonderful child that completes me as a woman.


Thank you so much for dropping by
Love lots, @usagigallardo015 🌙

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