Ria and Her Bear

Hello hivers specially to this wonderful I hope you're all fine and happy. My todays topic is about my youngest daughter Ria and how she loves her stuff toys. Let's meet and greet my young lady



Woah woah wait I caught her while picking her nose and before I start my blog right now. I'm finding my friends shared post about picking nose for kids and it said that it's a natural habit it can even makes kids wise. Well sort of, my youngest always picked her nose and mabe it's itchy. I also picked mine so it's all natural, and here are some explanation that it's a safe I googled some details and I'll of course put the source. I remember when I was young I also used to pick my noses I feel uncomfortable when they are stuffy or being blocked by boogers. I always wanted them clean so I can breathe clean and easy too. My daughter was so cute while picking her nose and after her older sibling saw it she told me about the facts. But sad to say I couldn't found it on my FB page. But I'll leave with you with more photos of my dearest child.

QuoteMost people would agree that nose-picking is a bad habit, and eating boogers is unfathomable.
Well, now you should think of it as a form of guilty pleasure. Why?
According to a scientific study from the American Society of Microbiology and a report from Kid Spot, picking your nose and eating boogies is healthy for all people.

And here are more photos from my lady I bought her brown bear onto a preloved store. At first I thought she'll be afraid of it but she was so happy and hug it instantly. Then on her fourth photo she's acting asleep maybe she is acting like a camera shy baby. Hahah LoLs






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