Playing & Buying on Rising Star...!

Good afternoon to all members
on Blockchain Gaming Community!

This is my trying post on this community and my activities of Rising Star Game.
So I called Day-335 of My Music time on Game.
It is so funny time and I love Rising Star Game.

I would like to share you about buying card.

I needed to buy some cards to play more easily on game.
I have to play more high missions to get level up and more rewards.
So I decided to buy card packs.

And then I bought 3 card pack for 10000 STARBITS.
I got one Rare card and two Common cards.
They are
(1)221 PT 100 Bass Head
(2)104 Stu
(3)i100 Pink Acoustic

(1)221 PT 100 Bass Head...!
It is a Rare card.It had 50 luck.

(2)104 Stu...!
It is a Common card.It had 10fans and 5 skill.

(3)i100 Pink Acoustic ...!
It is a Common card.It had 5 luck.
It is the best way which I need to play on game.

I think that it will be more better to play in future.

Now I had totally 271 cards on my account and I would buy another card packs as soon as possible.

It is a funny blockchain game.
Now is starting a blockchain gaming age!
Everyone should join and try Rising Star game for future.
Playing with your precious times on Music game "Rising Star"!

Have a nice and funny day!

Thank you so much for reading my post.
Good luck!
28.9.2022 (15:30) pm




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