All I want For New year Is More Income on Splinterland

The best place and way to start your New is on Splinterlands collectible card games.
It is no more a new story that the play-2-earn collectible card game is the best place to earn passive income just last the comfort of your home

Part of your resolutions this year is to earn steady passive income on splinter lands. Not just earning alone but also to push splinterlands game to the top as the best crypto trading card game.


You can do this by advertising on a your social media handles, invite friends, tons of them to join the game.

How will steady income be effective this new year?

Playing More

All you need to do is to play the game, play more. By playing more battles everyday you stand a chance of winning various mouth-watering rewards everyday. By playing more you get the opportunity to get Dark energy crystals(DEC).
Also by frequently playing you could claim some airdrop points. These airdrop point can be converted into sps.
Participating in events is an additional way of earning in splinter lands. Here you could stack your sps on your balance and get vouchers, which could be converted into real money.

Staking your sps

I made mention of this in one of my post that
You can also stake SPS in your game account or in a BSC wallet to earn more SPS, this means locking up your sps for for a given period of time. Since staking requires you to lock up your SPS, you cannot use your staked SPS. The better part is that your are still in control of your stakes tokens and the tokens can be unstaked after few weeks.

Also according to research all your SPS tokens earned from winning ranked battles and loot chests are locked up automatically once you claim them.

Participate more in guilds

Participating more in guilds earns you DEC rewards from your battle wins.

And lastly for today, card rentals.

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Summoner's spell book

For you to enjoy all these benefits and more in this play-2-earn collectible card game if only you have purchased to summoned spell book.
It goes for only $10. This should be part of your budget this new year. Without the spell book you might not really earn and gain much access to the game or earn rewards.

When once you get the spell book,you'll get a hive wallet set up and extra bonuses and credit. These credits and bonuses can be used to but or rent trading cards from the market place. With these cards you can engage in battles and enjoy the rest of your adventure in the splinter lands jungle.

Here is my ride, you can hop on it to get your, simply click:

Happy New year, once again.