There are two people in the Bible that I admire so much because of their willingness to follow God even in impossible situations. Their courage is what I yearn to covet every day of my life. I have shared most of my stories about how fearful I could be but every day I try to let it go.

David and Moses happened to be outstandingly God-driven people.

We all know the story of Moses. He was a stammerer. He couldn't even speak freely to his immediate family, more of speaking with a King, giving an order as well that he should let God's people out of Egypt.

He moved at God's commandment not complaining about his predicament which God knows already about. Moses was able to with the help of the holy spirit move the children of Israel out of Egypt.

To the children of Israel, they had no direction, they were hopeless, coupled with the fact that the Egyptians were pursuing them.

Moses was never moved because he was on a mission engineered by God. Even in the face of danger, the Red sea, Moses stood still knowing that there will be a way out.

We now look at little, what on earth would give David the kind of courage he had to face a giant if not God? He wasn't in the army, he wasn't built physically, and he wasn't even with sophisticated weapons. A mere looking at the giant should make you shiver and faint but little David wasn't like that because there was a supernatural force backing him up.

David was driven by God and he defeated the giant. These and many more are the instances in which people were driven by God, they obeyed and made their moves without looking at the impossible circumstances around the situation.

Let's reflect on our lives. What is that thing that God has been telling you to do but your fear is dragging you from doing it? Moses never feared that he won't be able to talk, of course, Aaron was there to do the talking as an elder brother and a priest.

What about David? David had brothers in the army of Isreal, he never felt intimidated by the presence of Goliath. Also, Goliath had been there intimidating the children of Isreal till God decided to use him.

If David went out alone without the supernatural force driving him, he would have failed the mission

When was the last time you made a move in your life with the backing of the Holy Spirit? Are you God-driven or only purpose driven?

Being purpose-driven is not bad, but let our purposes be aligned with God's will. Let God be the wind beneath our wings, our driving force as well.
Let us also learn how to listen to God so that we walk according to his promptings.