I strongly oppose the fact that all unethical and morally decadent things should be reposted and approved everywhere on social media.
Anyone from a sound and modest background won't just start reposting things anyhow on the social media space talkless of christians.

Having no boundaries whatsoever as to what you post on the social media space is absolutely wrong.
Okay the information gets to you, there is an awareness about it and You've seen how filthy it is and you keep on pushing and spreading it.

I have a big problem with an ongoing trend in my country called the "dog trend". Everyone keeps reposting and reposting filling the social media space with filth in the name of memes or whatsoever.

We keep on pushing immoral trends and the generation looking up to us and the ones yet to come we have not yet considered how this things will affect them.
our past heroes didn't leave histories of unethical things for us, they were legends, the protected their dignity and tried protecting the coming generation. Not that these things didn't happen during their time, it happened but there was a proper management of those information.

Especially to the Christians , you are promoting ungodly things, filing you social media space with impurities, it is absolutely wrong!!!!!! when the bible says "Brethren whatever things that are pure, lovely, honest and of good report, think on these things, talk about these things, work on these things, promote this things and not some disgusting and unethical trend.
It's not in everything, situations that your opinions and contributions are needed, please let's learn that.


Please let's try to normalize what we post, repost and blog on our social media space, it speaks a lot about us.
So lets all remember that together we should heal our world and make it a better place for ourselves, our children and our generations unborn.