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Hello hivians here, it's been a beautiful day over here, the weather has been cozy and mild during midday but later on it has been so dull and gloomy.
So I came across the question of week and I would like to share my thoughts on it.
Q. "Is the world overpopulated and what can we do to solve the issue?"

Well census has shown that we are about 7.9 billon humans on planet earth and how did we even get there and how are we coping and is there even enough space to contain us human talkless of animals and other creatures.

We all know that Africa is heavily populated, Nigeria is too, imagine visiting states like kano and lagos and see the masses there. Places like lagos of so heavily populated that there are less or no more lands for buildings again. Lagos is mainly surrounded by water and lesser land due to that some parts of lagos house are being built on water. The water in being filled up with sand and iron rods before construction, and that's why so many houses in lagos get destroyed by flood. Also as lagos being a headquarter for economic activities in west africa people from all corners of the world migrate to lagos not only for business purposes but also to settle down and enjoy it's luxury and comfort.


Now in Nigeria certain parts of it especially the northerners support early marriage, you would see a young girl of 14 years old being given out for marriage and at that age she can barely take care of herself so the only thing she does in the marriage is to give birth to children and yearly for that matter.

Most of them are doing well especially the ones married to rich merchants and the other are not even doing well, they can barely feed a day and there is no birth control support and the are still giving birth and you will see them littered on the streets begging. You would see a woman with 6-7 kids littered on the streets, these children are even sent out as beggers or pick pockets and trust .e they cling to you like lice on hair strand till you give them money before you are free.
So there is a whole lot of population in the North due to early and infant marriage and this is very poor.



Unwanted pregnancies are now so rampant and everywhere. Unwanted pregnancies from rapes,no abstinence or most of them would say mistake or no proper use of contraceptives. This case is really on a high side. Children are meant to be brought into the world through love and happiness not in regrets, shame and most times because you are being forced to keep the pregnancy. These events keep happening everyday and the world is getting filled up.



Poor birth control measures or family planning. This particular one I will use one of my relatives in the village as illustration. She gives birth yearly, trust me it's not an exaggeration oo, this is closely 9 years she started the journey of giving birth and she has 8kids so far. No control measures and she keeps bringing forth every year and they don't even. Have a roof over their heads but she is still spilling out every year.
This happens to a lot of families that have no proper awareness about birth control measures, some of them are scared of using these measures because the feel that the side effect might be that they won't be able to give birth anymore. Noooo not at all, this is pure misinformation, the government have to some extent tried to curb these birth rate and therefore they are free family planning programs free of charge in hospital sponsored by the government just to manage birth control.

The labour market is getting filled up everyday and there is unemployment, famine, poverty death every day yet birth rate is at a very high side.

So what can we do to curb or control overpopulation because we are literally Beginning to have no more lands space for building anymore

According to the points I have raised on the causes of over population

  • Banning or restrictions of early marriages by the government. There should be a legal tender to stop early marriage. Those kids need to grow up go to school, learn an trade or skill, be financially and mentally stable not to turn them into baby making machines.

  • Abstinence or proper use of contraceptives if you really need to get into sexual activities before marriage.

  • proper punishment to those that sexually assault women putting them into family ways when they are not able and ready for it.

  • Also a strong mass awareness on family planning, educative and positive programs on birth control measures. The medical field should be able to convince some couples especially the ones not doing well financially to put a hold of chil bearing.


There is this other business I have heard, they keep a number of girls in a place and they keep getting Impregnated and they keep giving birth and those children are being sold out just to get money. So that is human trafficking too, a very useless business

These and lots more are the factors that makes our planet heavily populated and there is so much famine and hunger and poverty, sicknesses every where that can't be controlled because the population is more that the resources available.


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