6 Credits But A Bright Future


Today we completed almost to bronze 2! Which is getting us closer to getting the heck out of this tier lol with that being said we won a whole whopping 6 credits which is just a little over a half cent POGCHAMP hahah

However here's the cool thing. The community here is awesome, helpful and seriously powerful. Just by engaging with you all each day and plotting my progress in this game and others I've been able to earn rewards from posts which I have be keeping almost all but also converting some over into SPS tokens for the last month.

The goal here is to not only get a few vouchers but also to be able to sell some to buy packs with those newly minted vouchers. This is the best case I can think of to boost my way out of bronze tier as investing $60+ a pack right now just seems a little too crazy to me after having paid $200 for what I think was 100 packs? I mean that's WILD! $2 to a $60 talk about some nuts ROI! Will Chaos packs follow suit and being that they are $4 each will we see the upper number increase to $120 instead of $60? Now that would truly be wild!!