New Rising Star Pack Opening


Locked in a brand new pack today on Rising star and it was ok. The guitar will help with leveling up some faster training here's everything I picked up.

What is cool though is Rising Star is now on Avalance, Polygon(matic) and Binance! as buy options for the game. I'm curious if it will expand further to allow for starbits on their exchanges and how the NFT collections will work rolling forward. I know you can convert packs and I think cards on to wax but they don't seem to really move on there so perhaps more attention needs to be brought to it.

With that being said! You can buy packs and cards on Wax!

To view them check out

If you login to AtomicHub under Market (top menu) on the left hand side is Apply filters. Start tying in risingstarga and you'll be taking top the collection to check out everything that's available.