How to find your transaction ID from steem wallet transfers (TXID)

So recently I thought I would transfer some of my Steem to my coinspot wallet so I could cash out.

But when I tried to send steem to my coinspot wallet it was asking for a transaction ID or TXID. Hmmmmm🤔


Which turned out a bit tricky to find. After some looking around on steem and hive I finally worked out two different ways to find you Transaction ID.
This is just so I can remember how to do it in future and it might help you guys out aswell 👍

The first one is from
You can type in your account name and it will give you lots of stats on your account plus latest transactions.
So to find the transaction ID just hover the curser over the ID on the transaction you are after and it will show up.
If you click on it, it will open up and you can copy it.


The second way to find your steem TXID is at

Just add @ your user name like

Then you will see all the upvotes, transactions etc on the page.
At the right of a transaction you will see 8 numbers or letter combos, just click on that and a new window will open.


And you will find your transaction ID in the url.
So the url will be transaction number. So you can just copy and paste that into your coinspot wallet.


I hope this might help some people out in Australia who use coin spot and want to cash out some steem 😊


Thank you @vccclothing, your kind helping is so appreciated.