My Journey to Farm Expansion: Challenges, Solutions, and Ensuring Safety

Good day, everyone. It's great to be here once again. I've been in and around my farm for the past few weeks, and after some deliberate thought in the last few days, I've decided that I need to create more space to farm more and increase my farm output. You see, the situation of things due to inflation is getting worse by the day, and being someone who always wants to be self-sufficient, I think it's ideal for me to grow my crops, which my current farm space can't accommodate, so I began my search for a new and bigger farm space.


Getting a space for my farm wasn't easy at all, but after my ultimate search and my brother's moremoney28, we were later able to secure a piece of land a few kilometers away from our house, and then we were met with the first barrier between us and planting. The land is an abandoned one that the owner isn't ready to build anything upon, so the grasses have overgrown, covering up all the space, and so I decided to work on cleaning up the space so I can plant some things on it.

And so last week, I picked up my cutlass and went into the piece of land and started clearing it. It was a very big space, about two plots of land, but after cutting the grasses for some hours, I got exhausted, so I had to stop, and I reversed what I'd done, which I think is pretty good after all. The space here is big enough to house some crops such as vegetables, maize, cocoyam, pepper, and cassava. If an opportunity arises and I see the seed of a pumpkin, I'm thinking of planting it as well.



After cutting down the grasses, I cleared off all the just-cut-off grasses from the space and cleaned up the area, and now all I've got to do is probably just spread the land to prevent pests that might want to prey on the crops I'll be planning here. After all this was done, I gathered my tools and left for the house.

On getting home, I was about to go and take a shower and relax when I sighted a snake crawling among the grasses in my compound. Out of fear for the danger it poses to the kids, I quickly chased after it but couldn't get hold of it as it crawled into a hole, so I decided to just clear the grasses in my surroundings as well.




With the pains I was already feeling from using the cutlass consistently, I decided to just get a shovel this time around. Since the grasses ain't too tall, it makes it easier for me, so I used to help shovel to clear all the grasses as neatly as possible, making sure but the front and the back of the yard were thoroughly cleared, making the place now neat and safe. At least now if any reptiles were to crawl around, we'll see it clearly.




Unlike earlier, where it was barely visible among the grasses, after cutting all the grasses, I used the rake to gather all the grasses and pack them together in a place to be burned later, and that's how my environment was looking all neat and tidy again, as you can see from the pictures.

Thanks so much for your time, I hope you have a good time exploring my farm with me, do have a wonderful day and stay bless.

All photos used in this post are mine.

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