Imran Khan the Former Prime minister of Pakistan plotted to be Killed by the Successor



The protest match in the capital of Pakistan by her citizens and dignitaries of the country has resulted to a red alert of assassination being shown on the former Prime minister of the country by name Imran Khan by his successor and his gang ups with the names Shehbaz Sheriff,Rana Sanaullah which is considered to have interior works done on Pakistan and an army Commander.

“These three decided to kill me,” Khan said in his first public appearance since Thursday’s attack, adding that two gunmen were involved.The government has denied any part, and blamed the assassination attempt on a gunman fuelled by “religious extremism source

Following the return of Imran Khan from the hospital and his first public appearance on Thursday made this bold and audacious statement publicly and to the news casters and reporters. Adding to the Injuries he sustained and the P.T.S (post traumatic stress he must have faced during the attack and he coming on air to blow of the involvement of dignitaries working in various government sectors in hand with this attack that almost ended his life.

Trying to swing this over by the military and some government executives, they raised a false alarm of this petition and assassination as a groundless, baseless,futile branding it to be an attack inspired by religious criticism of Imran Khan so far on some religious practices he blatantly disregard and detest.

The attack on Khan’s convoy killed one man and wounded at least 10, significantly raising the stakes in a political crisis that has gripped the country since Khan’s toppling in April.source

Trying to redirect and disregard this unfair treatment and assassination approach to the former Prime minister and his co horses has the affected of this accusations branding this attack also to be a case of the rising insecurity within the state and that no one should be blamed of the attack since that since the country is in a dilapidated state of Insecurity any attack can be lunched on any one irrespective of the background.

Trying to grant this statement baseless, the former Prime minister Imran Khan has called for the demotion of the affected persons in the arrow of this attack and also has begged his workers and the chief justice not to take this on a light ground in that right from day one, even while in office he has proved his meek and like-minded characters to the understanding of the citizens and a way forward for economic growth and peace within the country.

The government officials and those in charge of proper investigations and underground workout of this matter should be in an unbiased and unwavering mind as to make findings and dealings associated to this attack taking note of the fact that this assassination attack ended the life of other citizens in the country and that in a whole bunch of group of lies, a point of truth is found. Taking this lightly is paving a different route of more assassination attack on both the citizens and the prime minister in charge.