The Green Cards that plays when Right Investments patterns are Kept: vexPolyCUB the right pattern



Creating the right and solid business foundation takes more than just the money been put through ,so they said that "wisdom is profitable to direct". Without the right patterns and wisdom not been employed,then the green card (explore) won't take place. Show me a business that started well and crumbled in less than two years than I will show you a business without the right business approach with a faulty foundation. Unlike the norms that for a building to be erected,there must be a foundation and for a building to be firm and last strong then then the foundation must say it all. It doesn't matter how long it takes to make an impression in the market world but Inasmuch as it's coming from a strong foundation then all will be played out fine .

Can't go forward without having to play out my norms,good morning the lions in the hive Blockchain,it's your friend once more @vickvan, may our interest be if the right pursuit .

The Understanding of vexPolyCUB Based on Foundational Route ;

Before the emergence of vexPolyCUB, xpolyCUB and polyCUB itself,there must have been the right approach of business dealings and the understanding of what it takes to make it more successful and to stand out during the test of time. The polyCUB making waves in leofinance community and investment dealings that much that before 2years it was been lunched,there exist in it another two portfolios for earnings alone.

At the very first begining, polyCUB wasn't the first coin to be established, Leo opening the door,then at some point,cub comes into play, not that we had enough of these two but a next level was been played out then there comes the polyCUB and later on the unveiling of the portfolios in it.

polyCUB wasn't doing that bad in the crypto market if been judged as at the time it was lunched and it's strong foundation holding it back as to withstand the dip season been felt in conjunction with the volatility of the crypto market,but it has to adjust anyway cause before it's been lunched, it's resilience to crypto movements must have been considered too.

At first it was polyCUB been lunched as a token,then it was been staked called the xpolyCUB then it been taken to the next level of locking which is the vexPolyCUB. Creating more meaning and foresight to it's existence that there awaits more turnout if the holder can be patient enough to entrust it into locking for VexpolyCUB.

The right pattern is been followed,the foundation is strong enough ,the green card will show after the period of locking of the vexPolyCUB let's take the bull by the horns.


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