Being Positive will give you immense Courage😊👍



If there is something that I have learned in life so far is that to look for the positive side of things. If we see clearly every negativeside has its reverse, that is, the positive and when we find it, we try as much as possible to sustain it in our mind. In this way we can found the balance in our lives and in our family.

One of the best ways that things are satisfactorily well, it is making a plan of the things We need to do and what we need to carry it out. We should plan, leaving room for any unforeseen, taking into account that we must delegate functions, very important, not everything we can do.

We should stop feeling responsible for the pleasure of others, we can not spend our life thinking what to do, what to say, how to behave, so that others feel good. We should only act according to our conscience and common sense.

During the day we should give a minimum pause of 5 to 10 minutes for every 2 hours of work, to the maximum and analyze as it is going what we have done until that moment and reward ourselves if we have obtained good results. We should try as much as possible to find pleasure in the most trivial or everyday things in life as eating, sleeping, resting, walking.

And finally one of the things that some cost us very much and this is I have learned to say no, without feeling guilty, or believe that hurt someone. I have learned that wanting to please everyone, produces a wear from every point of view. If we want a nice and relaxed lifestyle, it is best to make the necessary changes to achieve it

When the courage began to break, it is just the beginning,
It will be dark in the new mornings,
Nights will be too long for comfort,
Do not get such a way to choose the right way,
Keep walking and do not care about the thorns.

When the feet will fall in the small thing,
Do not be stopped by snow,
The sun will melt the ice,
you can not fall soft,
Do not let out desires in a rainy season,
When the courage began to break, it is just the beginning.

The journey has been dared to break,
Wake up all you will be respected,
Why the stigma being? Rogue is the procession here,
As soon as you are eating,
you are getting up and running.

Take the stones in the heart every time falling down,
Do not lose dare to meet the destination tomorrow,
These paths will be difficult to strengthen you,
Why can you be afraid of devil in vain?
When the courage began to break, understand that - it is just the beginning,
Become such a thing that you can fight with every dangers,
You can climb on every ladder of success,
When we start breaking, it is just beginning to be stronger...


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