Most common mental disorders today



At present, we are living an era that although we would like everything to be colorful, unfortunately reality is far from like that and the cause of this is that there are many difficulties, some very serious and others not so much, however, both make that the circumstances are very complicated.

Due to these difficulties, the problem of mental health has increased worldwide and although unlike past times, we have excellent tools that allow us to treat and solve the conflict, the cases are still on the rise. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that we are facing a silent pandemic.

Another announcement that WHO has given and states the worrying of the situation is that children, adolescents and young people lead the statistics of mental health problems. These statistics reflect that, 1 for every 7 people, the ages of 10 and 19 are suffering from a mental disorder.

Now, these statistics are very worrying because, by analyzing them, we can realize that, we are practically building our present and future with bases that are not solid because fragility is in all edges.

Anxiety and others associated with it

In the first step of mental health problems, anxiety disorders are leading more every day and the disorders that stand out are:

General anxiety disorder: The person experiences intrachility episodes disproportionately and, this action hinders that it can be developed in everyday activities.

Panic disorder: People constantly experience panic episodes, because of this, their fears are sudden and apparently, without any cause.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: the person suffering from this disorder, frequently has negative ideas and at the same time, their actions are repetitive which, make no sense.

Postraumatic stress disorder: This trauma has no elaboration and its impact on everyday life is very severe.

Eating disorder: The person begins to have episodes of anorexia or bulimia. In the last year, this disorder reflected several causes of death worldwide due to the bad eating habit that the person involved has.

Phobias: Various people experience episodes of phobias and some of these, can alter everyday life, however, when they are very acute, daily activities can be hindered by fears, more than anything if the phobia is social.

Mental health problems are associated with mood

Several of the mental health problems are linked to mood since, these are characterized by intense emotions and in some cases, they get out of control without a reason that promotes them. Within these problems we find:

Depression: it is the most common psychological disorder and is characterized by presenting episodes of constant sadness, it loses interest in everything that surrounds it and has very low energy.

Bipolarity: The person suffering from this disorder presents episodes of drastic and sudden changes in their mood, energy and daily activity.


Analyzing symptoms and seeking help is very important

Thanks to digital technology, information regarding mental health problems comes massively and, in a way, this can explain the increase in cases worldwide. In short, the problems are diagnosed faster. However, something key that we must take into account is that, today's society is more demanding than the past.

Among the factors that stand out the most in the problem of mental health is, the fragility in the family, couple and social context in general. These links ceased to be solid and because of this, without realizing we are living in an epidemic of solitude.

Finally, it is vital to seek help and thus prevent the mental health problem from continuing to develop. Similarly, improving lifestyle is a very key factor because, if done in a healthy way, some mental problem can be prevented. Let us keep in mind that life is more rewarding and simple when we enjoy tranquility.


This is a good post and well written... I have come to realize that 60% of mental disorder is as a result of hardship and sufferings, Many people today are also dying of depression because there's no hope, in a situation where you don't have anything to take good care of yourself and family, that's when you start thinking otherwise, some will even lay hands into evil doings, some will end up begging in the streets before you know it they will start appearing dirty and their sense of reasoning will change....