The Farewell Letter! (Creative Writing)


I abandoned the luck, which shipwrecked in the sea, I tried to subsist based on choices drowned in lies, in poisons that worked as placebo for my soul. My poor soul, My essence stained the color of its parallel reality, staining the breath with the putrid, ridding the pristine with more than its twisted fallacies. Why?

Questions that surround my thoughts, at times trying to understand, in others converting my consciousness into a minefield, any false step is a deadly trap. Her vile and cruel strategy remains valid in me, the wound suturing slowly and overflowing with happiness noting that everything that exposed me, to her sick betrayal of throwing my own hell, every time she loses more strength, every moment that passes I am more free. Or try to be. Her chains no longer threaten to hang, my voice is no longer split, now I can see clearly.

All that false security that proclaimed as a logo seal, looking over the shoulder to all that person who was not similar; So versatile, vulnerable and flexible, so easy to corrupt by another equally putrid mind as yours. With how much anger I write these words at this time, letting them take away from me for instants, to finally release all the poison.

How does a letter without a recipient becomes a clear declaration of war, of my displeasure and disgust towards your person? How are the threads entangled in vertigo and overwhelming ways? What so much toxicity have you inside, what dyes all your destiny?

Irascible and uninterrupted, wandering down with her sad acting, with her pathetic performance. Alien to everything and, at the same time, moving the driving threads of their puppets; Cold, calculating and ruthless. The Storm advances, but it is rationality against a reference past, drowned dreams against a starry reality. Sincerely, I look at nothing, lost in the whole; I breathe, but I'm not sure I continue living. The wonders of inertia, only the immaculate inertia.

One last sigh of that viral load, the shoulders loosen as it seals this letter, which will never reach you, but that I would always like to scream. Without recipient, without an address to the one to arrive, without a port that awaits it, I buried you in the cemetery of my memory...

Thank You so much for Reading, Have a Good Day 😊🙏