Apple Keeps Pushing Innovation With M1 Pro or M1 Max Chips | Stock Reacts Accordingly


Apple has been killing it when it comes to laptops ever since M1 chip and they are continuing all of that with the all new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips which packs an even better punch with better batter life and top of the line performance at an great price compared to most of the competition.

This is what happens where there is real innovation at play instead of simply trying o push marketing and other pricing tactics (which Apple has done quite frequently). There is nothing like a product that simply outperform the competition.

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Not many would have expected the innovation that lead to a simple chip design would be as huge as the innovation that happened with iPhone. Out of all the things Apple has done after Steve Jobs passed away, M1 chip is the best things the company had pulled off. I would consider this as something on par with Steve Job era.

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At Least Cooling Technology is Improving

Other companies have to compete somehow and this has lead them to push the boundaries of cooling technology to come up with solutions that can allow their products to at least compete with Apple products. Even if you are not the kind of person to buy an Apple product, you are still benefiting.

Imagine this type of cooling technology combined with great RISC-V architecture powering the computers of future. That will be great for all of humanity.

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