{Poetry} Can SHE be BETTER?


*Pretty Little Thing poetry


Young girls being made into women by what is in their magazine.

Not even a pre-teen,, and they are more worried about who they are flattering.

These pages are filled with shirtless men, beauty and make-up tips, and ways to make your crush notice you.

There are articles on how to kiss better, how to get to second base, and far more than you understand or want to do.

What these pages fail to include are inspirational women, ways to triumph over adversity, the importance of self-love, and exercises to stay fit.

We put on make-up and do our hair just to fit, then when we confidently wear skirts we are told to close our legs when we sit.

Where did our hopes and dreams go? When did they stop mattering?

It’s so hard to know right from wrong with all of this noise and chattering.

Now your grades are dropping, and you are more worried about your looks than reading books.

And you start to surround yourself with bad people, who turn out to be crooks.

Our phone is constantly buzzing and the TV fills our minds with distractions.

Then we are faced with adults who ignore us, keeping us from taking action.

No matter how hard we try, there is always going to be someone trying to keep us from reaching our greatest potential.

When did every move that we make and every word that we say become so consequential?

They do not want us to use our voices to make changes, they want us to continue the same patterns and stay the same.

But I cannot sit back and watch the next generation go through the same things with an even wider frame.

They are exposed to so much more than we ever were, their perspective is already clouded and muddy.

Every other day they are seeing news of a shooting or a murder, giving them visuals and nightmares all bloody.

They are in fear as they walk to school, but vigilant and always on high alert.

How can we allow children and teenagers to live in such a place of fear and hurt?

They are wondering today will there be a school shooter? Will a guy from school notice me? Who will encroach?

There is so much wrong with what we are feeding the young brains of tomorrow, and I think we need to change our approach.

It is our responsibility to empower this next generation of women to stand up for what they believe in, if we do anything.

We have to let them know they can be a physicist, an artist, and a president; and they are more than just a pretty little thing.

To all the girls and women out there -

You will always be MORE than just a pretty little thing.
With that brain of yours, you can do anything.

Don’t let them treat you any different.


       Photo from pexels 

Thanks for reading through.... I hope you love it.


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Fully agree with your message here. I find rhyming poems can tend to get a bit predictable and I used to play a little game sitting at the back of an open mic night trying to see if I could guess the next rhyme (mean of me I know, but no one knew) - I don't think I would have guessed potential / consequential though. That's a clever one. Not a love, dove, above, glove, shove in sight!