Hidden place in a jungle : nal damyanti Lake forest


Nal lake is a hidden place in the middle of the jungle .Situated in the Bhimtal hills of Uttarakhand, this lake is a very serene place.By the way, you will get to see many lakes in Bhimtal area.It is also called Hills of Lake.total seven big lakes are there .

By the way, it is difficult to guess that there can be a lake in the middle of such a forest.And this is a very well maintained lake.I got a lot of peace here. It was a good experience.

There is an idol of Lord Shiva near the lake.Local people come here to worship.It is said to be a very old temple.Many monkeys are there.

can you see how many fish are in here Whoever comes here definitely brings fodder for the fishes.And she eats it very happily.Fishing is prohibited here.

A very nice park has also been made here for small children, in which there are small swings.

Chairs have been installed in the entire area to sit at different places. Where the time can be spent sitting comfortably.The fishes can be seen sitting here.

This is the view of Naal Lake from the way and the surrounding green space.This place is a very secret place in the midst of dense trees.But after coming here, there is no desire to leave from here.A legend is told here by the local people.And it is said that here a king named nal had done penance with a queen named Damayanti.

This is the intersection of Bhimtal City and from here one goes to Nal Lake.Bhimtal Lake is also a very big hill station in itself.

This is the road of mountains which takes us straight to the mountains.By the way, the way is more fun than the destination.

Thanks for spending your time here meet you in a next post.i hope you all enjoyed it.@pinmapple


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