why war war and again : russia ukrian


hello my friends how are you all i hope you all are good and enjoying your life with your loved ones .

today i am talking you about a more serious and popular topic now a days which is russia ukrain war .i know you all know what the hell is going on there.but what we can do (nothing).i know we all are very sad to see this and the condition are very worsed there .

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now i am talking about the soldiers of both countries .see how they are fighting .but yes its definately i tell you all one thing is that they also did not want war .but they follow the order of goverment .
the soldiers are also a human being they have also a emotions .all have a family and every time every minute their family are dying from anxiety and dipression due to to overthinking .
i think its a very very big deal to every humanity .

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probably what the hell is going on to the owners of this properties
..we all know that how people earn their money in life time and buy a house for living their with peace .but in this picture is showing that their are few demons who wants to destory the house and buildings .
think where are the owners are living now adays and how many dies their .

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see the innocent faces who are stumbling door to door who have no hope .did they start the fight ,do they want war .or maybe these innocent people just say peace .

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soldiers are getting killed day by day ,do thier families want war .they are just doing their duty.it is only and only the fault of the government.

i would like to say that i we want peace in the whole world ,then we will have to stop war and the comman people of all countries will have to make a big revolution in this .

i hope you all take this blog seriouly and support me to take a action .if we take one step togeather then we can do everything .because nothing can happen with war.


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