A little understanding


accumulate a lot of experience

appear in front of you all the time

since exploring this prosperous world

Opinions are often swayed by trivial things

too much helplessness

dominate yourself

need perseverance
.Whatever the difficulty, try with all your heart

Everything will be resolved

Indeed, nothing can escape the struggle

Glory in life

more relaxed life

hard work

Acquired wisdom

.Effort is the cornerstone of the crown

fight for the journey to the top

to make yourself better

Actually this is degeneration

Crazy in real life

every win

Personality slowly fills other people's bodies

.People are gradually improving

It's all sweaty

Not all gifts from God

Must be inseparable from his own quest

no lifestyle at all

Let Yourself Shop on purpose

Don't be passive

.This beautiful life is in vain

There should be no regrets in this life

In life, diligent people always reap