Dream of a cold night boat


Moon secretly treetop tree

A few pieces of dry yellow have fallen

The black soil devours everything on the ground

A night bird that sings once or twice

The ice flower slowly condenses the flower

.twigs and leaves seem to vibrate

The sky is cold

The river water is very cold

The leaves in the maple forest are more than salsa

The fisherman's song sounds soft from a distance

Red light flashing blur in the fog

.facing the start of this winter, it's getting colder

Silent sadness adds a lot, a lot

Dream of sleeping to see the warmth of summer again

Temporarily greedy with the heat of the sun

.after waking up, I realized that shaking was a dream

Spring city no longer

The cool wind blows outside

Cold wind sweeps through the wilderness

Forest dim light

Candlelight flickering in the temple

Silent stars in the night sky

.play half light and half dark with clouds

The bells sound so murky and distant

The sound destroys those who travel long distances

Where will you be restless?

The guest has too much on his mind in a foreign land

.the sparkling waves outside the ship's window are like the beating of a heart



Very nice and beautiful as you read on, very cool image, matches perfectly with this great piece, thanks for sharing.