Midnight song


On a snowy winter night,

Wrapped in a thick blanket,

greedily enjoying the warmth,

like empty land,

Everything is covered in snow.

Snowflakes outside the window like a shy girl,

Flying through the night in the shadows,

.as soon as I fell deep into the earth's mobile,

To confess enough to the earth,

Still dancing in the cold wind.

Midnight dreams follow,

You came from the snow,

In the middle of the night you still haven't slept,

Afraid that my warmth will melt you.
.Reminiscing little by little the good old days,

For a long time, inadvertently soft,

But you write inside can,

someone told me.

Thank you like I love snowflakes,

Full of surprises and treasures,

.she and the snowflakes fly in my song,

Snowflakes are beautiful for you,

Snowflakes still floating in my dreamland..