My new favorite thing in Splinterlands


As a seasoned player and avid enthusiast of this captivating universe, I have long admired the game's enchanting lore. However, my passion for this fantastical realm also leads me to envision a future where the lore becomes an even more immersive and detailed experience.
Upon reviewing the captivating articles about the Kingdom of Khymia, Gloridax Empire, Drybone Anarchists, and lastly, Ferexian Empire I am even more convinced of the potential for the developers of Splinterlands to further enrich the game's lore and overall experience.

These articles provide a glimpse into the intricacies of these factions, and I believe that expanding upon such narratives could bring a host of benefits to both the game and its players.

Immersive Visual Elements is something that is missing

To complement the enriched lore, incorporating breathtaking artwork and interactive maps would elevate the Splinterlands experience to new heights. And that is something that is really missing from these articles. The world would come alive with vivid visual representations of significant locations, key characters, and pivotal events.

Each illustration could be a masterpiece, capturing the essence of the faction it represents. The artwork would create an immersive atmosphere that draws players deeper into the game's enchanting universe. And this is something that is needed in this lore, something to sparkle readers' imagination, not just facts about the Economy, Religion, Governance, and other similar aspects. It feels that it just has not been enough effort invested into this lore.

The audio made for each Splinter is appreciated but the feeling is that the lore is a bit empty and too simple. I would be very satisfied with something that Blizzard did even though I think that Splinterlands has the potential for more. You can check World of Warcraft lore here:

Interactive map

Interactive maps would be an amazing addition to Splinterlands lore. It would serve as portals to explore the realms of each faction. Players would embark on a visual journey, navigating through sprawling territories, witnessing iconic battles, and visiting small and mysterious factions and characters. It could be a great tool to help players find out more about Pretoria and the Splinterlands. The interactive map could feature World Bosses (what Splinterlands devs said we could have one day), castles owned by real players, as well as plots where players mine SPS, harvest grain, wood, stone, and more. By using lore we could connect the NPC world with the NFT world creating a live and ever-changing universe. Once again I would such an interactive lore map in just a few seconds. League of Legends has built something similar and you can check it out here:

What about connecting Lore with Land expansion?

Imagine all the possibilities that the connection between Lore, Land, and players could offer to us through Splinterlands. Imagine joining a faction as a player with all your resources and your land or joining a secret order like the noble and chivalrous Knights of the Silver Shield or the cunning and stealthy Shadow clan, the mystical Forest Keepers, or the seafaring Costal Mariners.

Of course, your decisions would be influenced by your owned assets, land, buildings, cards, and so on. Even if you are not a land owner you could join a faction and work on the quests and the reputation with that faction. Factions could offer benefits depending on how many players would join. Kingdoms would offer security and trading opportunities. On the other hand, secret societies would offer power and wealth but with great risk.

Imagine building a small trading outpost with your friends, creating a trade route through the deserts, sea, and mysterious forests. With such outposts, you could earn a percentage of each trade that would serve as a resource for expanding your small settlement and keeping it safe after all. So many possibilities are open. Are we going in that way?

Smaller Independent Factions:

As an avid explorer and adventurer in the enchanting realm of Splinterlands, I have always relished the opportunity to delve into the lesser-known factions that lie hidden within its vast expanse. While the main factions command attention, introducing smaller independent factions would be a delightful addition, bringing a wealth of diverse and intriguing groups to the forefront. These hidden gems, nestled within the nooks and crannies of Splinterlands, would offer players a chance to uncover secret societies and captivating cultures that lie off the beaten path.

From the shadows emerge elusive secret orders, carefully safeguarding ancient artifacts that hold the keys to long-forgotten knowledge and rewards - maybe in the form of SPS, or some other resources.
Each smaller faction would possess its own captivating charm, offering players an opportunity to immerse themselves in the intricacies of their customs, rituals, and objectives. The lure of these factions lies not only in their secrecy but also in the chance to experience a fresh dynamic within the game. Exploring the unique abilities and strengths of these lesser-known groups would unveil hidden synergies and strategic opportunities, giving players a chance to develop innovative tactics on the battlefield.

Latest Lore releases

If you are interested in the Splinterlands Lore you can find it here:

and here is the lore about splinters:

Kingdom of Khymia

Gloridax Empire

Ferexian Empire

Drybone Anarchists


The new content from Splinteralnds is just amazing and I love it. I hope Splinterlands will cover a wide range of Splinters and maybe some lesser know factions. In one of the latest Town Halls Nate told that goal is to have us as summoners in a position to interact with factions, Splinters, and characters in the Splinterverse. I hope that this Lore is the beginning of that vision and that some of my ideas will happen in the future. That would be really amazing!


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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Nice to share about game lore, some stories are very cool, I made a song about a card by the lore I was reading.