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Hi, fellow Battle mages!

Today I will write about taking advantage of the current market situation. A few weeks ago Chaos Legion cards reached the bottom in terms of prices, at least from a current point of view. Since then prices have gone up by about 15%.

Based on that I don't think that it is a good time to buy Chaos Legion cards. What I mean by that is that it is not a great time to dump tons of Fiat money into the market. Of course, you could buy a few BCX that you are missing or buy a card that is below the price as I do sometimes. If you are looking at the market regularly you can find some good deals and flip those cards for a profit. Sometimes that profit is amazing, and sometimes is something minor. But if I cover SPS and card renting expenses with that profit I am very happy. So here are some examples of what I bought and sold and what I am still trying to sell. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you invest in the cards that you just can't sell. It is a risk but at the end of a day, you still own your assets.

My purchases

CardPrice BoughtPrice soldDescription
Obsidian.jpg32 USD38.70 USDI bought this one through bid and someone filled in level 6 Obsidian even I asked for a max level copy. The price per BCX was ridiculous. Since I wanted to use a max level copy I bought level 8 and now I had this one for sale. Made a profit of 6.7 USD.
Sabre Shark.png6.895 USD11.80 USDSabre Shark 12 BCX(level 4) is amazing card that I was planning to use on my Silver account. I paid only 0.574 USD per BCX. Now I am selling one for 11.88 USD and that could be a potential profit of 4.985 USD and I think that could be a fair price. If nothing I will use him on my alt account.

Card that I find interesting

The Kraken.png15.70 USDKraken is one of those cards that are simply amazing in the Bronze and Silver league. 15 USD per BCX is not much for this card, especially when you know it was selling for more than 150 USD in the bull market. Will certainly keep this card on my radar.
Ruler of the Seas.png28.322 USDRuler of the Seas is an iconic card, especially if you played when Alric Stormbringed and magic attack was meta for Water splinter. At this moment you can buy one for just under 30 USD which is amazing considering it cost over 300 USD at one point - if I am remembering correctly. Of course, you would like level 2 so you get that Swiftness if your plan is to use it in the battle. If not, it seems like a sweet buy and resell in the bull market.
Elemental Phoenix.png45 USDElemental Phoenix - another iconic card, this time from the Fire splinter. One can be found for only 45 USD while the next best thing is 60 USD. It is an amazing card, but it will be a hard sell as you would like at least level two and there are not many on the market. For that much money, it could be a great investment for the future. And this is a Beta edition card which means that it will provide +5% more rewards.
Crustacean King.png7 USDCrustacian King is amazing card, especially if paired with good tank, like with Kraken. Level 3 can be found for only 7 USD which is quite cheaper than before. It is interesting because on level 3 he has 1 ranged attack you are not using him only for heals like you would use Merdaali Guardian. Nice pick for the Bronze League if you ask me!
Selenia Sky.png50 USDThat much money is not crazy amount if we are talking about legendary Beta summoner. It is not the cheapest option but it is the good one. Dragon summoners open a wide range of teams that can be played. I always like Selenia but I never had the funds to finance such a card. Maybe a few bucks could be earned by flipping this card.

These are some picks that I found by going through the market. If I would take my Silver account more seriously I would definitely invest in some cards from this list. The Kraken and Crustacean King are probably the highest on that list.

I find it very valuable to have some spare cash in the form of DEC that you could invest into a card and then flip that card for a profit. The more expensive card the more potential for a profit. Now, you must be very careful in which cards you invest your money. It is hard to lose money on cards but you want to invest in cards that will sell fast. You don't want to have DEC stuck in a card that will be on the market for a few weeks. For example, it took me 8 days to sell Obsidian, so it is a little less than a 1 USD profit per day.


This presents an opportune moment to strategically acquire new cards and revitalize your deck. It is essential to exercise caution, as the influx of new players can potentially lead to heightened demand and subsequent price fluctuations within the market. For those who have not yet embarked on their Splinterlands journey, now is an ideal juncture to seize the benefits of acquiring exceptional cards at special prices. I invite you to join the Splinterlands Discord community, where you can gather further insights and delve deeper into this captivating realm of gameplay.

Official Splinterlands Discord: https://discord.gg/A6yNcVqbU6

If you are new here

Splinterlands is an exceptional NFT trading card game that operates on the play-to-earn model. For newcomers, this implies that engaging in the game not only offers an immersive and enjoyable experience but also presents an opportunity to generate income through the acquisition of SPS. If you have yet to create an account, I highly recommend registering using my referral link. In doing so, kindly reach out to me via direct message, and upon confirming your presence on my referral list, I will gladly provide you with 100 DEC to facilitate your initial foray into the game.


Have fun and see you on the battlefield.