052220 - Broken lawnmower and grass trimmer


I started mowing again straight out of bed after a beker tea.

Five hours later the lawnmower was broken and so was the grass trimmer. I did 50%with the grass trimmer because the mower smelled and flames came out of it.
The bus-kid cleaned it and as I finished mowing I put it in the car.

I didn't come to do much. I wrote my entry to @marblely her contest and washed my hair and left to the city. It wasn't planned but the mower wasn't even one year old.
We decided to buy a new grass trimmer. A small one I can lift and swing with one hand.
Hopefully the mower is ready in two weeks.

The kid and I bought something to drink and ice cream and went back home. The youngest is still making homework at 8 pm.
Apparently school will open again for those children who did not join homeschooling. Wanna bet they all will go to the next class too.

Food on the table.
Omelet with Brie
Two pancakes with marmalade.

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