I am not a water rat.


Five minutes only a freewrite takes but still I do not come to it.
I could lie I am busy. In some way I am but not by doing mountains of work. I do not feel to mowing and if you set a foot outside in my garden you know what I mean.
I gave up on mowing for two reasons:

  1. The day starts and ends grey with or without rain, with or without a strong wind (no rain check needed a look outside says enough).
  2. I do not feel well. Dizziness and itching eye(ball)s make me rub my eyes 24/7. I go to bed early and cover them to give them some rest (not that it helps I hardly sleep).

If you like water people call you (in Dutch)/a water rat.
Since I am not fond of water (not only because of my water allergy) I am not. I l prefer to stay inside when it rains. It saves my dehydrated, itching skin, and the pointless use of body lotion.

You won't see me rafting ever (not my kind of fun).

I never built a wooden raft either.
To be honest I would have liked to do something like that. The elderly kids at the scouting group did once but my group was way younger and didn't take part of it. It was clearly not their kind of fun or who knows they were too young. Not one of them protested. They were allowed to go on it during one of the annual festivities but most of them didn't like it. It was about 8 years ago which means those little ones are teenagers by now.

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Well... I love swimming pools. Am I a water rat!? 😊


You go into the water, have hours of fun? If yes I asdume you are. Happy Sunday. 💕


Good to read you as usual ... and I am not a water rat either...


Thank you for stopping by. It is good to see you and to know I am not the only one who doesn't care about water fun, aqua parcs, etc. I wish you a great Sunday. Be blessed. 💕