Beautiful view of the sunset in the city of Sabang


Hello all sunset photography lovers wherever you are, introduce me @walad I live in Sabang City, Indonesia. This is my first post on the Sunset Photography community hopefully I can be accepted in this very amazing community, and I want to say a big thank you to @duwiky ADMIN @coininstant ADMIN @sunset.curator MOD @pob.curator MOD who has run and managed this community in the best possible way.

On this occasion I would like to share my first post to this community, which is a picture of a sunset view where I live, which is on a small island located at the westernmost tip of Indonesia.

I have prepared some pictures that I have taken using my own smartphone in the afternoon around 6 pm, here is a picture of the sunset, I hope it doesn't disappoint because this is my first post on this community.
Don't forget to leave criticism and suggestions from all of you who saw my post in the comments column below, I hope you like it.

20211201_180909.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180912.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180913.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180916.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_181035.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_181041.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_181047.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_181057.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_181100.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_181121.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180840.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180659.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180754.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180834.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180850.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

20211201_180906.jpgSunset View My Original Image @walad

Well friends, this is my post today, I thank you very much for taking your time to see my post today, hope you like it and see you in my next post.

Device Information I use for Making a Picture

PhotographySunset View
Location PhotoIndonesia(Sabang City)
Camera usedSamsung S21 Ultra


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