Purchasing New Twelve NFT Packs and Rising Star Gaming Activities

Good evening 😊
Have a nice day all RisingStar Lovers🎶

My Game Level is 108 and completed Missions are 3829 in RisingStar.

To do the Starbits Millionaire Mission, we must have the Starbits Millionaire Card and 1M STARBITS, and we will need to add 100 Fans for the one-day Mission.
I have now completed 294 Starbits Millionaire Missions.

We need Fans to perform Starbits Millionaire Mission and to get more STARBITS Reward from Mission Achievements.

We need Skill to decrease Ego percentage. The less Ego percentage, the more STARBITS Reward.

We need Luck to get more STARBITS Reward and Skill.

We need Income Modifier to high Ranking.

Today, I purchased 12 NFT Packs .

Now, I have 638 NFT cards of Risingstar.
In this cards, there have 30810 Fans, 6795 Luck, 50148 Skill and 641 IM.

I have done 3829 Missions in RisingStar Game.
These are
Illegal Busking 108,
Open Mic Night 219,
Mid Week Support 290,
Licensed Busking 24,
Midweek Heading Slot 46,
Saturday Support 60,
Saturday Headline 78,
Radio Interview 206,
Radio Studio Session 176,
Shopping Mall Performance 271,
Record A Demo 248,
Local Festival Acoustic Tent 187,
Local MiniTour Support 367,
Band Auditions 13,
Band Rehearsal 199,
Full Band Support 310,
Full Band Headline 44,
Promote Fan Club 115,
Record Signing 2,
Egg Hunt 2,
Starbits Millionaire 294,
Orchestral Lesson 103,
Basic Singing Lesson 21,
Guitar Lesson 184,
Production Lesson 228,
Piano Lesson 31 and
Drum Lesson 3.

The Ego is 0%.

What are you doing my friends?

You can use my Referral Link to start RisingStar Game.

Thank you, RisingStar Game Developers and Supporters 💗



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