England my dream country

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Let me go straight to the point without beating around the bush.
I have always wanted to be a footballer right from small but unfortunately, I became a phone engineer and a skit maker, that is Nigeria for you.
In my country Nigeria , dreams can always be changed not by you yourself but by the power that changes hands. I know it looks very funny but I am telling the truth , some of us can relate to all I have said.
Due to the profession I chose from small, I always wanted to live in England , it's obvious that I am a Chelsea fan then , not now that the blues are running a promo .It was always good motivation to me then.
I was so motivated dreaming of how I will be living my life in England, I also have it in mind that if I am given the opportunity to travel as at that time , that I will make sure I help people around me and whoever seriously need help .

Now that I am a father of two and looking at how my kids are still very small, I have to focus on their upbringing because it is very important .

But if there is any opportunity for me to travel, I am still in love with England. I love England , it is my dream to be there and I hoping someday that i will surely achieved that because I believe things can still fall in pleasant places for me.

Thanks for reading my post.

Designed on canva


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